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In Game Soccer Question


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soccer in game.JPG

Got a question regarding this chart of a game going on. The first three seem easy, correct me if I'm wrong they're corner kicks, yellow cards, and red cards.

What about the next 3 I have circled in red. Anybody know what they are? Trying to figure things out to better bet. TIA.


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First 2 I see on a live game and they match up, cant find 3rd in a live game rn to see, but I dont see anything else could be


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my guess is b/c in Europe you can bet on stuff like that.

we are extremely limited in what we can bet on in soccer compared to rest of the world

Every soccer game in major leagues right now on b365 has 88 possible bets, pjnny has similar but wont update

Corners, cards, throw ins, scorers etc.