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Golden Contender: Tuesday SERIE A Italian League Soccer

golden contender

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The Serie A- Play in Italian league soccer is on Atalanta at 1:30 eastern -1 Goal. Expect big effort from Atalanta after coming off tough draw last out. Multiple goal win here vs a down trodden Bologna squad off one of their worst losses of the season and they have allowed 12 goals in 6 games. Atalanta have revenge for a 2-1 loss in December after winning the prior 7 in the series. Atalanta is 2nd in the table. Look for Atalanta to coast at -1.GC


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I actually think we should expect bologna defense to perform better after allowing those 5 goals last time out. Up until then their d has been solid of late. I took the +1.75 as I think this a one goal match or even draw. Atalanta last result could be demoralizing to them with juve winning yesterday.