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Gatorade Duel 1

tiger hater

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Looking for opinions but I have a prop with Biffle over Truex Jr in the first race.

My thought is Truex will run up front a couple laps see how his car is running and fade throught the pack.

Biffle is racing in a descent car with Rousch Fenway

Thoughts welcomed please


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it's possible but alot of times cars that are on the front row for the qualifying duals try to stay up front to avoid the mess too...I wouldnt' fade him jsut based on being on pole.

For me, I sorta try to avoid bettng on Plate races altogether lol...

tiger hater

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yeah i thought that as well.

Im thinking if he gets passed he doesnt fight to get back to the front

im going with biffle-125 in the first one


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I'm taking Stewart -130 over McMurray , and Kahne -125 over Mears in the first Duel.
Second race I like Bowyer +115 over Newman. is going to have streams of the races too from speedtv.


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oops sorry when I posted that I thought you caught a break for the win.

Biffle was running up in the front of the pack and got squirrelly and dropped back. Like 20 seconds later Truex blew a tire and went sliding, sent him all the way to the back.
Unfortunately with like 10 laps to go Biffle decided to take tour of the infield again. Had he not done that you'd have been good.

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