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funny email from heritage


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guarantee this would never happen if 100% of my bets were on live betting but i was losing instead of winning...

Our Risk Management team has completed a review of your account. In an effort to keep our customers informed of their current activity and limits, we must advice that we have noticed a larger percentage of your wagers being placed in Live Betting Module.

We understand that there are many Live Betting enthusiasts that find a benefit in placing their wagers with us, however, we provide the Live Betting option as a supplementary offering to our sports bettors.

We would want to consider a balance of your wagers to include wagers from our regular sports menu.

We appreciate your business and hope that you can as well take advantage of all the other sports and markets we have to offer. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Heritage Risk Management Department



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Nice of them to reach out regarding your concern toward current activity, that's some grade A hospitality


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yup, bookmaker and betonline are the only ones i've found that don't have a problem with getting beat...everyone else restricts, limits, and bans. it's amazing to me how supposedly large sports books can't handle a little pain.


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Heritage is an absolute joke.

I had maybe $120 left in my bitcoin account from an old transaction so I opened an acct at Heritage with it and started mirroring a few of my bets from other shops to see if I could build a little bank there. After about 15 bets I was up a mere $200 and I get the email from their risk management team saying they've limited me and removed most of their parlay options.

What was worse was that they absolutely refused to tell me what my limits were, telling me to place trial and error bets to find out. What nonsense. Every email I sent them for about a week was bounced as undeliverable. Customer service refused to speak with me and I have now put in my 5th payout request for the like $350 I have there. Lets see if I get it.

I mean, I knew they were a square book but IMO, they are either in serious financial trouble or just a half-step away from being an outright scam. I guess we'll see if I ever get my money.


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oh more item for anyone thinking of wasting their time and money with these fools.

Frequently when you place a bet you get a popup window with a vig change. -105 to -112 or somesuch. The only option is to accept at that point. You can't cancel or close the popup in any other way. The only way I found to not accept the line change was to close my browser tab and reopen the site in a new tab where, surprise, surprise, the line was back to -105 again.

I'm not sure if everyone gets that or if that is their way of trying to recoup when someone is winning.


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Another day, another cancelled payout.

This is the smallest amount I have ever attempted to withdraw from a sportsbook and by far the most hassle I've ever had. At this point, I'm considering the money gone although I will continue to pursue them.

If I was someone with a sizeable bankroll there I would be worried right about now.


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Fuck this book. I can't stand books that have take your money, but change shit when you're winning. And wtf, they can't afford a $350 payout? SMH.


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hulu it took over 10k of profit before they limited me so i don't know why they are doing it over a few hundred for you. i haven't gotten around to requesting a payout but i was going to do it either this coming week or next, so i guess i will see how resistant they are.
i don't know about the sbr C and below rated sportsbooks, but i have noticed the general range where the B or higher ones start limiting the account is anywhere between 5-15k of profit. like i said, i have found the only 2 sportsbooks that are content with continuously taking a beating and paying out smoothly every single month are sportsbetting (betonline) and bookmaker. the rest either put the clamps on, try to take away payout options, or both. the only conclusion for me is that bm and bo are the only books with enough $ to not care if you're taking them to the woodshed. i have heard everyone say that several of the top 15 sportsbooks can take a lot of pain because they're so rich, but i know this is not the case. if they are in fact financially stable, then they simply aren't willing to entertain the option of having even a small number of winning clients, which is ridiculous.


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Yeah thats been the most perplexing thing to me also. Its such a tiny amount of money.

I think it may have more to do with the kind of bets I was placing. They cater to the recreational (ie losing) bettor so often have numbers shaded toward favs and overs and of course, I play mostly doge and unders. Looking back over my history there, I probably played a number of sides where the action was 80-90% the other direction. So in reality I outed myself as not their preferred clientele.

I knew they were a square book going in but really expected them to at least show a little professionalism. And for Gods sake at least pay me the pittance that I did manage to win.


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an update for you hulu...i finally got around to making a check request for the max 3k they offer, and although the check took almost 2 weeks to get here, i did receive it.


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Thanks BU. I should've updated after my earlier rants. I did finally get my money after the 8th payout request.

Its still bizarre to me that I had such a hassle over such a tiny amount but I am chalking it up to simple incompetence rather than outright malice. Several times they couldn't even seem to find my payout requests in their system even though I had screenshots to prove it.

So whatever it is, evil or incompetent, I'm glad to be finally done with these clowns.


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well at least you got it...i have a few more payouts to go before i clear out the acct, but it shouldn't be a problem, it will just take a bit. it doesn't matter to me if a sports book delays their payouts as long as they honor the entire amount.