FBI Arrests Several NCAA Coaches Amid Broad Crackdown On College Basketball Corruption


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DP made a good point this morning, Kentucky and Duke sell themselves, as sleazy as everyone thinks Cal is (and I realize not so much the Rat) but they wouldn't need to get involved...Cal when he first came to UK sure and obviously bringing in Camby to UMass.


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Interesting there's not even been a peep anywhere about possible jail time for Pitino either that I've heard.


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Just shocking they seem incapable of finding the governmental bribery but find this.


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i was gonna bet USC to win the title at a big number and this case threw me off the scent. Should I feel safe from any self-imposed postseason bans? Can you ever?

I just can't imagine if you had a UL future two years ago when they were a top-15 team and they effectively withdrew


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This is a merry go round indictment: Where it stops, nobody knows. Criminal crimes would include racketeering, fraud, and tax evasion. I wouldn't be surprised if we had illegal gambling, and point shaving in here before it's all said and done.
I thought, on more than one occasion, the Harrison twins were point-shaving when they played for UK.....fwiw.
Ron Bell is dirty piece of garbage trying to bring down GT because he got busted. He will get his.

Bell, a recovering addict who spent nearly four years in prison from 2009 to 2013, said the only significant thing about Oct. 2 is that it's the last day he spoke to Pastner. Bell said he believes Pastner self-reported the violations when he did because, after a falling out between the two, he threatened to expose Pastner during a phone conversation that day.