CTG and TSE 2017 College Football Handicapping Challenge!! - 400.00 Cash Prize

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Capping The Game in conjunction with The Saturday Edge are proud to announce a 2017 College Football Handicapping Contest!!!

Cash Prize of 400.00 to the winner.

This will be a season-long handicapping contest starting in Week 3 of the regular season and going through the bowl games.


Regular Season --

You will make 7 picks a week for 11 weeks starting with the week of September 14th through the week of November 23rd.

*The highest 5 "unit" totals will advance to a playoff

Playoff --

The 5 contestants in the playoffs will make a total of 14 picks for the bowl season running from Saturday, December 16th to the National Championship Game. There is no restriction on when those bets can be made. You must have 14 total though.

Winner of the Contest -- The highest unit total of Bowl Season among the 5 playoff participants

Tiebreaker: Championship Game total points (closest to)

Unit System:

All plays will be used on a 1 unit system

Examples --

Sides and totals will be 1.10-1.00 regardless of how they are listed on the lines page each week

Money Lines will be to win 1.00 for favorites and to lose 1.00 for underdogs (you may not place bets which are more than -2000 or +2000). ***Use your favorites wisely***

All games will be available from Thursday -Sunday of each week and posted on Tuesday of the corresponding week. We will be using Bookmaker lines throughout.

Please do not add games that we did not list or that were OTB as of Tuesday.

***There is no deadline each week. You simply must have 7 plays made each week before the week is done***

***If a game is cancelled or PPD it will be considered a push***

***Vegas Rules Apply for Grading***

***You may add plays as you go, please quote your post and add the plays. DO NOT EDIT your original post. Time stamps WILL be enforced***

Absolutely no aliases or banned members. If you are banned during the contest, you are automatically eliminated. No whining, this isn't a fantasy league.

There will be a separate private forum for contest participants. You will be given access once you have Signed up for the TSE Newsletter

***You must submit your current CTG Username during the signup process in able to gain access to the contest***

***First week entries will close sometime Saturday, September 16th***
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