Bringing twat back in 2017
Thumbs down. I won't even get into the weird and sudden death of the politics forum, other than I don't see myself randomly discussing politics in there. Kind of need a thread dedicated to a particular topic. Plus, old posts disappear, kind of defeats the purpose of an ongoing discussion of an evolving topic, which I sense was the point of getting rid of it.

But anyway, the chatbox itself, for the purpose of discussing anything live, even a sporting event of all things ... it sucks for that too. Preferred the in-game thread myself. In the chat box, no avies, hard to tell who said what (or at least not as easy), can't edit a post, there's a character limit, can't quote another person's post, can't post a pic or a meme, can't go back and read anything posted in past days (often reading last night's in-game was one of the most entertaining reads on the site). It's like a trip back 10-15 years on the internet.

Anyway, will try to get used to it, but I don't get it, guys. Not a fan.


Bringing twat back in 2017
A little unclear on the primary purpose of the chat box. Like, say the tourney's going on next month and you have 20 apolitical in-gamers ... where do you want them? The in-game thread or the chat box? I ask because the chat box sucks moose cock.


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Sorry you feel that way.

Fortunately for you, its simply an added option and no one is making you or anyone else post in the ChatBox.

As you can clearly see, the ongoing seasonal In Game thread and forum is still there. The ChatBox is exactly that...a chat room. It is not meant to be fully compatible like a website, or have all the features of a full-fledged vBulletin platform. It is meant for quick, simple, easy and convenient discussion as desired.