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Champions League Final Discussion Thread


Man Crush on Kyle Guy
This is the soccer super bowl so I think it deserves its own thread. We got a Spurs expert (who also happens to be a distant member of the Royal Family) and multiple other guys who follow the Prem so lets cap a winner



Man Crush on Kyle Guy
I think i'll take Liverpool to lift up the trophy.
Won both regular season match-ups against Spurs by a score of 2-1.
Finished 26 points better in the regular season table.
Liverpool advanced to the final by beating Barcelona 4-0 at home. Spurs inched by City thanks to a controversial ruling that allowed a goal on what looked like a hand ball.
While i'm not denying that Spurs are extremely motivated, Liverpool has the edge in two respects: experience (they played last year in the CL Final against Real Madrid) and meaning. After losing out on the BPL Title race to City despite accruing 97 points, Liverpool's season would be shockingly disappointing if they also came out empty in the CL Final.
A lot of pace up front for Liverpool, especially in the form of Sadio Mane, who will be too much to handle for Liverpool's front backs. Mohamed Salah will also be back after missing the second leg against Barcelona. He scored 22 goals in the Premiere League and four in the Champions League.
The key to Liverpool's tempo and an underestimated weapon overall is midfielder Jordan Henderson. He is adept at preventing counterattacks and pushing the ball forward with intelligent passes in order to maintain the attack.
On the other side...
Harry Kane has declared himself injury-free, but his playing time should not concern Liverpool backers. In fact, I hope that he starts, because, after missing a month and a half of action, there is no way that he will be fit to handle the overall tempo and the high press that Liverpool will establish.
With Kane and Fernando Llorente, who scored the winner against City in the air, the Spurs lean on their aerial threat. This may have bothered last year's version of Liverpool. But with Virgil van Dijk at 6-4, the Reds' backline is a lot more solid in this regard. Roberto Firmino is also surprisingly good at defending headers.


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Pool being in the match last year should help the nerves I would think. Salah maybe AGS to revenge last year’s nightmare.