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Bundesliga Return Preview Article


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Bundesliga Planning Imminent Return To Action

A Difficult Plan To Work Out

Professional clubs in Germany have not been allowed to play any matches since March 11 due to the spread of COVID-19.

Now, over two months later, the Bundesliga promises to become the first major soccer league in Europe to resume play.

The resumption of play remains a complicated and difficult matter. Hence, the current May 16 date was established after resumption of play was delayed twice.

Initially, the plan was to resume play on May 9. But, politicians stood in the way.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her fellow decision-makers insisted on a quarantine where players would be forced to remain isolated on their training grounds.

14 days was the initial plan for the length of quarantine. That duration was reduced to seven days. So that is how we got May 15.

May 16 corresponds with the instructions of politicians to restart play in the second half of May.

10 Cases

In order to facilitate a prompt restart of action, 1274 tests were performed on players and staff in both the 1. and 2. Bundesliga.

Of the 1274 tests taken, 10 came out positive. The names of those who tested positive are being withheld for reasons of privacy.

Two with Borussia Mönchengladbach tested positive. One is a player and the other a supervisor. Three with FC Köln also tested positive. Two are players and the other is a physical therapist.

Worries On Both Sides

Some clubs wanted to start later than May 16 and for reasons that will interest bettors.

Specifically Mainz and Werder Bremen wanted to start on May 23.

They insisted that an earlier start would create a significant competitive disadvantage for them.

Werder’s team director was particularly vocal about the lack of equal opportunity to train that his club has had. Bremen’s state leaders were equally vociferous.

Literally every other Bundesliga team was able to resume training — in general and in groups -- earlier than Bremen’s.

If you want to fade the Green-Whites, they host Bayer Leverkusen on Monday afternoon (which is evening in Germany).

BetOnline current has the Leverkusen Money-line Odds priced at -118.

On the other hand, other clubs wanted to start sooner.

These clubs in particular expressed financial worries. They may not have survived, financially, if action were to only resume when fans could fill the seats.

Television deals will provide millions of very important Euros to keep these clubs afloat.


Besides frequent testing, clubs will have to play without fans.

But don't look to find betting value in road teams simply because they’ll no longer have to encounter the noise and fervor of opposing fans.

Sport scientists in Germany have researched the reality and the reasons behind home field advantage — Heimvorteil -- in Germany.

Throughout its history, clubs do show an advantage in playing at home. About 50 percent of home clubs win.

However, scientists suggest that fans have very little to do with any home field advantage.

They believe that the comfort of playing at home, the familiarity with the pitch and even with the people that one encounters on the way to the pitch all allow players to perform better at home.

These factors exist completely independently of any fans.

The minimal influence that fans do exert demonstrably is indirect. Pushed by the fans, the referee is slightly more likely to show a yellow card to a player on the away time.

In case you’re wondering, the empirical studies that i’ve seen do include observations on games that have been played without fans.

While this season will certainly add more data, recent trends suggest that home field advantage is a rather overrated factor for bettors.


Nine match days remain to be played.

Bayern currently tops the standings with 55 points. 5Dimes has the Bavarians chalked at -475 to become Meister for the eighth time in the row.

Dortmund is second in the standings with 51 points and Leipzig third with 50. Both teams, however, are well behind Bayern in terms of goal difference.

Depth may be one critical factor for your Future bets.

Because the season needs to be concluded by June 30, some ‚English weeks‘ may be necessary to finish punctually.

The teams who can trot out more fresh and high-quality players will have an advantage in weeks with multiple matches.