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Finally getting over the heartbreak of the Purdue/Virginia game from the Elite 8 last year.... and straddling back in. So here we go....

Unapologetic Homer Plays/Hedge Ops
Purdue National Champs 3/22
Purdue B10 Champs 2.5/21.5*


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Day 1: 0-0 +0.0
UGA U156
Arkansas U156.5
Miss St U159.5
BYU U150.5
Utah St U156
Providence U151
Zags U150
Illinois U151
Marquette U151
Memphis U156
Creighton U151.5
Kansas -1
MSU -3

All plays for 2* and based on a few things I learned and read about totals over 150 when a team is favored by 15 or more and their tendency to fall under. I’m sure the fact that I’m doing it will lead to a 80% over kick....

And of course the big games.


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NCAABB: 0-2 (4.4*)
15u150: 7-4 +5.2*

Purdue U153.5
Hofstra U153
Oklahoma St U149.5
Georgetown U152.5
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Amazed I stayed away (and proud of myself) from Purdue last night, that line was more 2018-19 Purdue team than this year, they are going to take a while to gel for sure.

NCAABB: 0-2 (4.4*)

15u150: 17-9 +14.2*
Louisville U150.5
NC State U160
Cent. Mich U159


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15u150: 19-10 +16*
E. IL U151.5
Duke U153.5
W. MI U160
TCU U151.5
UGA U164.5
Zags U150
USC U150

NCAABB: 0-2 (440)
UK 2h-14 (-10)
California Baptist +16.5
Minnesota +8

all for 2*
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NCAABB: 2-7 (13.2*)

15u150: 25-19-1 +8.2*
Richmond U162

U120O: 0-0 +0*
Pacific O114

*betting the over on any games with a total under 120


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NCAABB: 2-7 (13.2*)

15u150: 27-20-1 +10*
LaTech U160
Arkansas U149.5

U120o: 0-1 (2*)
Navy O117
Virginia O111

All 2*

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