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Bob Kraft Loves Hookers...


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If I've got to watch someone on Twitter do a parody account or a meme'd up version of Bob Kraft's hammerhead shark in a rub-and-tug joint for the next 6 months, I may just poke my own eyes out. GOD, THE HORROR!!!!


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He prolly wants it out too, but is playing it up so it's not obvious

But this comes out, and in the video he takes his pants off and theres a thud on the ground, hes gonna walk into the next nfl owners meeting with more confidence than Jerry jones after doing blow off some dallas housewives foot


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Two Things:
1. Your a superstar, you shouldn't need to pay for it. Plenty of star fuckers out there.
2. I don't believe paying a lady for sex is a crime.

Bonus Thought:
Most guys that do pay for sex is usually because their girl will do stuff your girl won't...
Pretty sure he doesn’t have to pay for sex, just to be able to leave right after.... lol.

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