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Betonline $10,000 World Cup Pick 'Em Contest Grading Error in 3rd place game

I'm posting this here because the online help, while they said they will look into it, kept asking me for a ticket # on my pick, I repeatedly tried to tell them it was a contest, no ticket was written. They clearly made a mistake grading today's 3rd place game. I wouldn't care, but I am in a good position to win some $ and need all my wins to count. They can make all the mistakes they want when I miss a pick. :)

In the $10,000 World Cup Pick 'Em contest I had Belgium today but it was counted as a loss. I had 22 losses before today, I now have 23 losses, and you can clearly see on my screen that I had chosen Belgium.


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Send me a PM bud, include any conversations and the rules. Also, screenshot your pics. Account number as well(no password). I can ask them tomorrow.