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For such a large book that offers endless live wagering, they really do not care about acting in good faith with their customers.

I really feel for Eugenie Bouchard backers today as she was about to defeat Angelique Kerber in the WTA Madrid as +200 dog.

Bouchard was ahead 6-3, 5-0 before Kerber retired. I would guess that Bouchard live odds would have been at a minimum of -10,000 before Kerber retire

Bet365 voided all wagers on the match as per their rules, which is completely fair and understandable.

Has anyone heard of a circumstance where a book would have paid out a wager such as this, despite it violating their own rules?

Just curious.

For the record, I had $25 on Bouchard at +200.


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For the most part, I would say bet365 is probably the most reputable book I've dealt with. Having said that, they did screw me over big time a few months ago when they voided a series of live bets I made on a soccer match. The explanation was that one of the teams was incorrectly listed and I was like "How am I supposed to know that?" If I had bet it pre game maybe there would have been some justification, but once the game starts and they fail to pull it off the board, not sure how that's my problem, especially if the odds were in keeping with what every other book was offering.

Suffice it to say, I went off on them in live chat and, well, my account's no longer active...

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Bet365 don’t care if they piss off a customer or two. They have the largest number of online accounts of any bookmaker in the world. This is all swings and roundabouts though, as next time you may get the refund on your side

Bookmakers do pay out on those things a lot, but nearly always on pre-game bets and never live. These goodwill bets are great marketing tools. If there was a dodgy call by a ref that cost a team a game they will refund bets on the losing team up to $25 or $50 (for example Oklahoma State vs Cent Michigan last season). It would add up, but it is great advertising. We have a goodwill in horses, where if you lose a horse race on protest we will pay you out as a winner anyway.