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Best sites to follow Premier League/Champions League info?


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In season and offseason? Starting following much closer last year and really enjoyed it. Going to dive head first this year. Need led in the right direction.


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Lost this thread in the crash, but i know teed had a slew of them

i like the guardian and bbc sites for premier league stuff


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Telegraph.co.uk . On match days I check out soccerway.com for lineups, and what not. Twitter is probably one of the best tools. If all else fails, ill just google the matchup.


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i did see where the nbc sports network and their internet site will show every match as monger said. that's probably the best way to get good betting info.


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I lost that favorite to the site that does tactical analysis of the big European games, and also the big international tournies. Anyone know what Im talking about? Something similar to opta. I think it is actually run by one of the big European books


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Champions League info can vary pending on the clubs playing, if it is the lesser clubs the only real beneficial info you'd get are from the club pages or UEFA.
In terms of the EPL, as mentioned before you may want to look into the twitter feeds of each club. Sportinglife and Skysports are great for just your run of the mill news.


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zonalmarking is a good one. Really twitter, there are some solid capping information from guys like JayPrimetown.

I really just watch as many as I can and don't read really websites. Just over the years followed which teams step it up at home and which times go for goals, etc.


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in terms of linked above

the Guardian is probably the best site, it has the best collection of writers in Europe not just for the English league but around Europe as well


the squad sheets page is very good to check on a friday, it's usually very good

BBC is good as well and has a lot of really good features especially leading up to a season

Sky and the telegraph have a lot of good info, the others I won't actively go to but if something is linked on twitter I will

http://www.whoscored.com/ is a great site for stats, team and player specific, world wide

writers on twitter that are good







Match of the day is on every Saturday night in the UK (MOTD 2 is on sundays but isn't as good) I torrent it every week on watch

I know NBCSN is doing something around it but I don't think they would show it in full, it's an hour and 20 minutes usually with about 15=20 minutes of highlights and some analysis per match

if you don't want to torrent it you can watch it streaming here http://www.gettyfooty.com/search/label/bbc match of the day?&max-results=5

also if you listen to podcasts

Football Weekly is fantastic, every Monday/Thursday


James Richardson is the greatest host, and all the writers they have in are great, very informative but also extremely entertaining

they focus on the big leagues, and CL during weeks when it's on

there's some other one's I could recommend but not are up to Football Weekly's standard