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August 2016 - July 2017 Soccer Picks


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Marseilles -1.5 (+105) to bet 1 unit

RB Leipzig PK (-127) to win 1 unit

Chievo +2 (+104) to bet 1 unit

Fiorentina +2 (-104) to win 1 unit

Las Palmas +0.5 (+100 to bet 1 unit

Portland PK (+139) t bet 1 unit

Atlanta -118 to win 1 unit


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Soccer August 2016 - July 2017 Overall 294W-283L-67P -13.76 units (50.77%)

Cameroon PK (-103) to win 1 unit

Chile PK (+104) to bet 1 unit


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New Zealand +2 (+114) to bet 1 unit

New York RB +103 to bet 1 unit

Columbus -149 to win 1 unit

Salt Lake +0.5 (+115) to bet 1 unit


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Well done with the Germans u21 :cheers3:

I'm siding with them again today but I certainly can see Chile winning a trophy for the 3rd summer in a row, good luck!


Nice get on 'Merica, I probably shoulda done it last night before sleeping on it and losing a bit of value. Think this is a pretty big match for the future.

Guessing you're wearing your Nicaraguan kit today eh?


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Mates...I'm getting slaughtered this summer

Nicaragua +1.5 (+100) to bet 1 unit

USA -2 (+102) to bet 1 unit


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As soccer season begins...this will be my last bet in this thread...

PSG -132 to win 1 unit