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The Farm

Sports Apothocary
Reds/Tigers over 9 -110 to win 2 (6th time they will face each other in 11 days)
3 teamer
Reds/Stros/over 10 in Bronx 0.4 to win 1.5
With Fulmer being the shell of what he once was along with Bauer just giving us his best I absolutely love the over in the early game here. Tigers for some reason are hitting bombs in record numbers to surprise all.. Will add reds tt once I see it. BOL
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The Farm

Sports Apothocary
TB 1H -135 to win 2
KC -103 to win 2
JD Martinez's TT over 3.5 to win 1
Tigers Game 1 TT over 3.5 to win 1
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