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I understand the Zion limited minutes but what's the point of 15 mins?

But more than that... late in the game you call timeout and are on offense. Are we really trotting out Ball and Favors? Yes, I get Favors for setting picks and defense after the possession but you're basically playing 3 on 5 there.


Give me the NHL, or give me death
Mind boggling for sure, after getting him back through quarantine faster and he was off a long rest where he dropped some baby pounds. Opening night he played 16 and yesteday was merely 13... the New Orleans Blue devils need Zion out there


Give me the NHL, or give me death
At some point, when the kid gets a little more confident in the nba setting, he’s just going to say fuck the doctors no? I mean at what point does he just say enough is enough to the team cause it’ll happen


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mind boggling..weired mf game..u think he wants the win either chance..ingram went cold and zion played 15 minutes


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So disappointed in how he handled this. I’m of the belief nba went with this format and then set up the schedules in a way to gives Pels every chance possible to get into the playoffs, and this clown starts off talking bout “unfair expectations” then basically tanks any chance they had from the jump not letting Zion finish gm1 when they had that game won!!! Such a fucking bum that guy is.