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I actually enjoyed the between the tackles old school football game today. These defenses are FAR superior to the offenses. There aren't enough weapons in the league. Reminds me of the MAC where you can get a decent game with nothing too spectacular. On a rainy day in Cali, was great to have a game at 11am.
Anyone have thoughts on tonights game?
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Based only on Kenny White's opinion on VSIN who felt there was an over reaction to last weekends performances, I followed his advice & played all dogs ats with a sprinkle on all the ML's. I haven't had a chance to watch more than a few plays of this league though.


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Christian Hackenburg is the starting QB for Memphis. He is so bad there are no words. Zona thought by many to be the best team in the league. Insane line though as 16.5 on the road is crazy talk.

But I wouldn’t be shocked to see Hackenburg pulled in the first half. Furthermore, Mike singletary May be the worst coach in this league leading his team like it’s 1985 and has zero clue with any offensive schemes whatsoever.

Arizona went tempo last week and Neuehisel’s team had a little bit of flow to their play starting in the second quarter last week.

Shits and giggles 3T teaser on 5D pays even...small 1u play

Arizona -7.5
U 53.5
Kentucky +3


All I know is the only bit of this I watched last week was Memphis who looked like you'd expect a Hack team would look, think I saw a couple forward passes that may have ended up behind him.

QB for AZ is legit, not that I watched and can say much but 4 TD passes in this league week one says enough to me, there's a reason Trevor is holding the clipboard.

Have a feeling this could look like a kid's rec league game when one team has the ringers and the other has all 8 year olds in an 8-10 league.


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Really enjoyed the Old ball coach doing his thing and making for a very entertaining game. That's more like it.

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