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AAA and The Mexican League April 11th-20th


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Lehigh Valley IronPigs -1½ -115
Buffalo Bisons/Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders Over 8½ -130
Sultanes de Monterrey/Rieleros de Aguascalientes Over 11½ -120

All 3 games are to win 2 units


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HotWater/Monterrey ov 13 -140
Sacramento/Salt Lake ov 10.5 -130
Fresno/Vegas ov 12 -115
Indianapolis -115 (2*)


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Las Vegas -130 (2*)
Lehigh/Rochester ov 8.5 -115 (dime)

Largest total play for me in AAA in the past two years...still waiting on a line in Mexico, books really dragging their ass south of the border every day now


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Scranton/Lehigh ov 8.5 -115
Cuse/Rochester ov 8 -115
Indianapolis -140

Have a few I like but I really don’t like get away days in the PCL...random start times and lord knows what happens to these guys from one town to the next...promised myself I would lay off these types of games this year unless it made sense logistically


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HotWater/Monterrey ov 13.5 -115 (2*)
Durango/Laredo’s ov 10.5 -115 (2*)
Saltillo +140

ALB/Reno ov 11 -115 (2*)
Tacoma/El Paso ov 11 -115 (2*)
El Paso -125 (2*)


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Aguascalientes had some major roster changes (pitching) yesterday which was to be expected. In fact a few of the teams did from what I can tell. I have to get back to my office to do a bit of research into the situation in Mexico. Been at the beach the last 4 days with the family, heading back to south LA in a few hours. In AAA I had to do a double take when I saw the final score in Reno. Minor Leagues can be a rollercoaster ride but it provides value when you can find the hot hand. Working on mostly MLB stuff this morning will be back later today.


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3-1 yesterday...Looks like 3 potential AAA games and 3 potential games in the Mexican League...I had a chance to break down some transactions in the Mexican League yesterday. I think I may start playing a few more sides as teams are starting to solidify who they are...back later when I get a hold of some lines


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Lehigh -1.5 +130
Indianapolis -130
Tacoma/El Paso ov 10.5 -115 (1.5*)

* starting at $400 a unit today. Everything is one unit unless otherwise stated. Back this afternoon with Mexican League action.


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Columbus -1.5 +110
Norfolk +105 (comical that these guys are a dog today)
Las Vegas/Fresno ov 10.5 -115
Salt Lake/Sacramento ov 10.5 -115

I have one more in the Lehigh game tonight but still no line on that one
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