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2020 UFC/MMA Discussion


Raider Nation for Life
And can someone please explain to me why Dillon Danis trolls every fighter on IG and talks about how good he is and he’d beat this guy and that? I’ve seen him fight a can one bellator, once, yes he won, but didn’t exactly look like a guy any mid to top fighter would fear
He's a punk. 2-0 with two whole fights in Bellator and he thinks he's the shit. He'll always been known as Conor's ball massager. He tries way too hard to be like Conor.

Him calling out Chimaev LOL. Dude is always looking for attention.



Raider Nation for Life
Damn. Calderwood took her down but couldn't do nothing with it. Then got submitted. Should've stayed on the feet.

Big daddy naught

Well-Known Member
There goes Calderwoods title shot. Really no reason for her to take that fight. Nothing to gain. Maybe Calvillo gets it now.

Brunson was gonna be a tough out for this kid. Tons of experience, isn’t ever concerned about being taken down bc his TDD is 100%, and has power. The comparisons between this kid and Rousey will continue w this KO loss, as will ppl criticizing his coach