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2020 UFC/MMA Discussion; post your wagers


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[13-13 +602.84]
  1. 1/19/2019 11:59 PM MMA Props Fighting 1061 Cejudo points handicap* +5½ -110 vs Dillashaw points handicap
    any victory inside distance is a winner for selected fighter, see sportsbook rules for grading detail
    Risking $66.00 To Win $60.00
  2. 1/19/2019 11:59 PM Reduced Fighting 1002 T.J. Dillashaw* -215 vs Henry Cejudo
    Risking $98.90 To Win $46.00
Pretty boy too much for Cujo...strikes will be huge


SDQL Badass Stat Boss
1/19/2019 11:59 PM Reduced Fighting 1001 Henry Cejudo/T.J. Dillashaw* Over 4½ -117
Risking $51.48 To Win $44.00


Broner is such a bitch. Not a big fan of manny but I expect he wins then calls out Floyd again
Couple things I regret from years past and one was turning down tickets for Pac/Morales the first one...coulda had for face value a couple hours before the fight and my buddy and I just wanted to hang at the club at Mandalay instead...Pac/Cotto group of 8 or so of us went to MGM and did the satellite deal next door to the arena and that was tits...still experienced the atmosphere at the MGM pre and post fight but only paid $50/ticket to watch it in the conference center. Filipinos were prob 80% of the crowd, everyone was so wasted, crowd surfing, acting like young punks we were. So much fun


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Hardy in post fight interview regarding illegal knee- "anybody that knows me knows that's nothing I would ever do". LMAO.

In defense of Hardy though, besides above, he is saying the right thing though and seems genuine about the illegal knee. He apologized and is taking full responsibility.


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Are these rumors about Conor McGregor raping a girl true? I'll keep it as a rumor for now until some evidence comes out but it's starting to get some traction.


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Why is Vader favoured? Wasn’t he average in Ufc?

Fedor is he washed up?

Why is he the dog?
No. Bader was pretty good in UFC.. i'd say easily top 3rd in his weight class.. not dominant but solid.
Fedor has been around. Not quite washed up and still has surprising quickness and power, but not sure he can hang w/Bader for more than a round or 2. Fedor's only real chance is by TKO.. Bader has slightly inferior stand up to Fedor, but MUCH better wrestling.


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crazy.. this a recent thing or old? where'd you hear about this?
I guess it happened sometime in December. But the info is starting to come out. Just reading stuff on the internet. It supposedly happened to some 20 year old girl in Dublin, Ireland. But like I said, it's just rumors for now. But a lot of internet sleuths are saying it's legit. I'll believe with a formal charge on him.