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2019 UFC/MMA Discussion; post your wagers

Big ufc card this weekend.

Cain making his return vs Ngannou. Yes he has been inactive, and I expect some ring rust, but after seeing how Francis could not defend a takedown against Stipe cannot see how he does it here. Cain won’t be dumb and stand and risk getting caught w a huge uppercut. Takedowns early and often and either ground n pound or decision for Cain.

Askren making his long awaited ufc debut against the always tough Lawler. This could be great, on the feet clear adv to Robbie, on the ground, clear adv Askren. Whoever can implement their will wins. Curious to see what happens should Askren win and TWood retain, bc aren’t they teammates? Would they fight each other?

Woodley vs Usman. Really looking fwd to this one. Both are great wrestlers. Both are explosive strikers. Woodley obv has been in w the stiffer competition, but Usman looked really good vs RDA. If they both engage this should be FOTN material.


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First thoughts, only as devil's advocate and not to disparage anything but perspective

Stipe 80" reach, Cain 77" reach. 3" is huge when grasping and I can't imagine that Francis hasn't made that the focal point in training. As always, the past rarely explains the future, and if it does, Francis is an idiot. I would bet there will be more standing and fighting in this than most I'm sure.

Other matches aren't for a couple weeks but prefer over in Askren/Lawler (my FOTN pre) and TWood, quite frankly I think that's a non-event. Should make quick work of Usman.