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2018 Underdog Challenge -- A CTG and TSE Collaboration


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Welcome to Capping The Game and The Saturday Edge 2018 College Football Underdog Challenge!

This will be a season long contest that will be based solely on underdogs.


*To have the most points at the end of the contest
*To have the most points at the end of a given week

How Does the Contest Work?

*You will pick 3 underdogs per week from the available numbers given to you by contest administrators in the weekly thread. Lines will be from Bookmaker.
*Only wins will be used. Losses/ties will be considered as 0 points.

When Does the Contest Start and When Does it End?

*The Contest will start with Week 1 (Week 0 is not available).
*Entries will be taken until 7pm eastern in Week 10 (Saturday, November 3rd)
*The last official week is Week 13

So, What are the Rules?

*You must make exactly 3 picks in any given week. Anymore or less and you are graded as having not played that week.
*You must make at minimum 12 picks for the entirety of the contest
*The most picks you can make are 39 total (that is 3 picks for all 13 weeks)

Tell me about the Scoring!

*Here is an example entry for one week

Tennessee +235
UCLA +420
Akron +655

The above results see a Tenn loss, a UCLA win and an Akron loss.

Your point total for the week = 420 points

Okay, what happens if there is a TIE for the season long prize after Week 13?

*If there is a tie, we will implement a 5 game Bowl Playoff for those participants

That sounds great! But, is there a weekly prize in case I have a great week?

*There sure is! Weekly prizes will be handed out each week. In the event of a tie during a week, the member who posted ALL 3 of their picks first will be the winner that particular week(timestamps will be used).

This sounds simple and fun, just find some dogs! How am I eligible to enter?

*All CTG members with at least 50 posts by November 24th, 2018 will be eligible for the prize.
*You must be signed up for the TSE Newsletter before you will be granted access to the private forum
*All aliases will be prohibited from winning the prize at contests end
*Multiple entries are NOT Allowed

When will the Lines be Posted Each Week? Which Games are Eligible?

*Lines will be posted each Thursday by midday by a contest administrator.
*Only posted lines are available
*Only Thursday-Saturday games are used (exception will be Week 1).

Any Other Rules I Should Know?

*You may add picks as you go. Please quote your original pick(s) instead of editing. Timestamps will be used to ensure validity of posts. You may cancel a play and replace as long as it is before the respective kick-offs.
*Lines do not change. Thursday morning lines will be our barometer. Please cap accordingly.

One More Question, What DO I WIN??

*Cash Prizes, just the requirements of a TSE newsletter and CTG minimum of 50 posts(by end of week 13) as described above.

Okay, Cash! How Much??

1st Place Overall = 200.00 via Paypal
2nd Place Overall= 75.00 via Paypal
Weekly High Points = 25.00 via Paypal

***All Prizes will be awarded after completion of the full contest***
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Would love to play, but have no clue how to do it since it never sends me an e-mail. First it said it could not send it. Now it tells me to respond to an e-mail that was never received. I give up.