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*** 2018 NFL In Game Thread ***


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Lean 1st half under but waited too long and lost number, not thrilled with idea of playing it at less than 23. Was hoping it would bounce back w late over money but not looking that way. I guess still playable, all 23 did was give me a key number I could push and avoid loss on..

I forgot I did grab a little full game under weeks back, only half unit and honestly didn’t do so thinking I was gonna get great number, was just looking for a preseason play and under 47 for opening night caught my eye enough to grab a little, far more dumb luck than being sharp and knowing it was gonna drop, lol.


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Both offenses were in stride and healthier last year in this playoff game and that was a mostly defensive battle. Now w philly really banged up on offensive side can’t imagine this a shootout.

I would think it be in falcons best interest to run lot of draws, screens, and simply pound the ball w Coleman (assuming he gets lot of work w freeman not having a preseason) to try and negate the eagles pass rush. On other side I just can’t imagine eagles RPO game would be incredibly sharp out the gates seeing how they didn’t run any of that in preseason, just a assumption by me but I’d think that type offense something that gets better w game time repetition.


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I think atl gonna win too, I just refuse to play into a line after all the value been sucked out of it. Great job by anyone who got +3 or better or grabbed ml when it was nice and juicy.
Exactly. If you haven't played ATL at the first numbers you missed or lose. Obviously some of the initial movement was for a reason. Good game to live bet perhaps.


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Just not understanding the “teams have seen Foles” now angle. It’s not like he was a rookie last year. Teams knew exactly who he was and in the playoffs he looked like the guy who went 27/2 (he did look poor against Oak) If you want to focus on preseason that’s fine, but I thought Atlanta looked like dog shit in their own right this preseason.

Either way. Just glad it’s football time.


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fucking filthadelphia. all these shitholes with rain and thunder in the middle of summer. if you're in a shitty area, get a fucking roof.


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did this bald roly-poly tirico stop sexually harassing chicks in the workplace yet or is he still up to his antics and they continue to pay him to act like he's an unassuming nice guy on camera?