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2017 PGA Championship Quail Hollow In-game

Let's keep it in the fairway, there will be plenty around here come Sunday...til then, let us regress as human beings
Did you just see that episode the Spieth group had to deal with from 9 to 10? Most of us would roll an ankle or something


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So basically they did the walk to #1. That is nothing unusual at all in some of these set-ups. It just might have looked funny since they were on 18 and went to 1.
They had to go up and down two sets of stairs. You know damn well one of us would blow out an ACL in all of that....why not just walk to the tee box like anyone else?
Very enjoyable watch today, love them having to finally play some defense. Assume there will be rain so scoring will be a bit easier but this is what most of us want out of the US Open I think


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That might be it for Oleson...was looking good today...but that is basically a 3 shot swing on that hole to a lot of the field..that Green Mile coming up.