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2017-18 European League Futbol

+7.40 Sunday, -33.81 ytd


La Liga

15828 Espanyol/Celta Vigo o2.25 -128 4*
15829 Celta Vigo tt o1 -120 2*
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-29.81 ytd

Death, taxes and Espanyol overs....need tmike at a time like this


La Liga

15801 Valencia ML -179 3*
15801 Valencia -1 -109
15801 Valencia tt o2 +120 .5*

Think Barcelona/Eibar could be shit, no go there but everyone knows Barca could put up 5 as well
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Serie A

18632 Inter Milan ML -172 3*
18632 Inter Milan -1 -104
18632 Inter Milan tt o2 +125


10501 Gladbach/Stuttgart u2.75 +100 2*
10529 RB Leipzig ML -109 3*
25809 Schalke/Bayern BTTS -140 4*

10535 Werder Bremen +.5 -120 2*
10535 Werder Bremen ML +265
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Thanks mate, time to play a little game...who gives a fuck about the league cup? Those two teams you listed should....I'm high on Huddersfield in general and this may be the platform for them to shine...Burnley v Leeds seems a trap, of course they should win that but not certain Leeds doesn't use this as a platform as well, dangerous match...and will always love tons of goals in Pool matches especially against a competent group. I'll play ball, problem with league cup is you get several situational starters so it's tough to really get a finger on the pulse. Lotta second string, but I do believe that means goals. I'm so against Palace now it's ridiculous but the Mickey Mouse games, never know if they come out on fire....Huddersfield 2h I'm down, these clowns at CP are getting relegated and just hard to figure how they play these matches that don't mean much. I'm very sold on Huddersfield as a unit so that will be the big one imo


League Cup

11001 Aston Villa ML +.25 +100 3*
11001 Aston Villa ML ML +129

11006 Bournemouth/Brighton draw +250 .5*
11001 Stoke City ML -112 4*
11014 Leeds United +.5 -101 2*
11017 Huddersfield +.5 -108 2*
11017 Huddersfield ML +280
11019 Leicester/Liverpool o2.75 -121 8*

11029 Swans ML -109

Spurs will name the score, just not comfortable asking them to name it 5-0
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I am going to look at some of these others a bit closer. Thanks for the thoughts.

I jumped on Huddersfield ML yesterday when I saw it at +406. I was shocked.
Wonderful number on them, they've got speed all over and just gonna take a hunch that this tournament is where they can make their statement. Huddersfield are very fast and skilled, gonna guess the market catches up to that but will still take a while. That's such a plus to us.
Fuck it gonna add a bit to them, Palace are such shit and in disarray. Add:

11007 Huddersfield +.5 -108 4*
11007 Huddersfield ML +280
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I expect quite a few goals in that Liv/LC match. Of course, I did in the Liverpool match over the weekend as well and that did not work out well for me. But, back at it again. I am hoping Mane plays as he has missed the past PL matches due to his red card.

Similar thoughts on Tottenham. They can do what they want today, so I played Tot -2.5.

Good luck today. I am still pretty new to all of this so I like to compare my thoughts to yours plays and if we agree I go bigger. LOL.
teeed is an x's and o's guy, so is braves...way better than me in breaking down the matchups

I just can only incorporate so much in this and prefer the big picture and what I get from it...sorry but you won't get physical breakdowns from me...just got what I got. And I feel like I've got a finger on that pulse


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teeed is an x's and o's guy, so is braves...way better than me in breaking down the matchups

I just can only incorporate so much in this and prefer the big picture and what I get from it...sorry but you won't get physical breakdowns from me...just got what I got. And I feel like I've got a finger on that pulse
Thanks. That works for me. Just like to see if others agree with what I am thinking as a whole. Not quite to the X's and O's level of soccer yet.
-59.67 ytd

That experiment didn't work well, shoulda known better than to even engage in league cup matches


Ligue 1

16205 Monaco -.75 -111 5*
16204 Lille/Monaco o2.75 -106 2.5*


10519 Bayern Munich tt o2.5 -165 4*


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I saw that it was 2-0 at HT, thought it would be an easy and large win for Bayern, then changed the channel at the 85th minute and it was 2-2.... You could be right that Borussia Dortmund can win it this season, at least it should be closer for the title this season. Especially with Neuer out some more time, nice blunder by the Bayern goalie in this match..

Excellent picks with Monaco and over, Jardim doing a great job there even with having to change quite a few important players each year. I would gladly take him to replace Wenger in 10 years.....!!
Thx gunner, you know I appreciate your input

As my dear friend ManUK said, why wouldn't you just do this every game? So I will. Heavy but I'm on cloud nine after the City smashdown.


Premier League

27160 Leicester City/Liverpool BTTS -160 10*


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Thanks! I love futbol and talk about it. Man City really starting to click and dominate. They had a few great starts of the season in years past but then couldn't sustain it so let's see how they do this time, but I feel like it could be their season, at least if one of the Manchesters has to win the league I hope it will be City, my dislike for Mourinho is still strong.

And excellent pick again yesterday, Liverpool couldn't do any worse than in the cup and Leicester good to score at least one goal at home :cheers3:
-48.77 ytd

Thanks bud, have a feeling it's gonna come down to City or United and these "meaningless" matches, it's important to put up a number in case GD comes into play. Was nervous yesterday, that about went to HT at 0-0 then who knows? But that late goal in the 1h was huge, kinda figured if they could find a quick 2nd one in the 2h it might open up to some crooked number and it did thankfully. City had plenty of missed opportunities in the 1h but tbh CP were countering great and several missed of their own. If Benteke is out for any period of time, oh wow...they'll finish 20th and may begin that downward spiral where they're low level Championship next few years. They can't score obviously.

As for that Leicester/Pool match, must look no farther than one ManchesterUK who put the idea in my head a few weeks ago, they simply can't line that BTTS high enough...we know Pool will march forward but also leave plenty of room behind. Kind of an entertaining team to watch, but an even more entertaining wager!

Ligue 1

16222 St Etienne -.25 -106 2*
16222 St Etienne ML +130
16229 Toulouse +1 -113


10504 Hannover/Cologne u2.5 -114 3*
10507 Leverkusen/Hamburger u3.25 -121

Serie A

18604 Cagliari/Chievo o2.25 -112
18619 Inter -1.5 +104 2.5*
18622 Verono/Lazio o2.75 -121 2*

La Liga

15811 Celta Vigo tt o1 -115
15813 Las Palmas -.25 -111 2*
15813 Las Palmas ML +129

Premier League

10325 Brighton pk -108 2*
10325 Brighton ML +185
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Yeah these matches against the weaker teams actually the most important to win the league. I believe I saw a stat that Liverpool the best team vs the other top teams in recent seasons but lost way too many points against bottom table teams to have a chance to win the title for example.

And Liverpool a very good team to pick the BTTS with the defensive problems they continue to have and their attack yes
-48.89 ytd


10328 Arsenal/West Brom o2.75 -116 3*
10328 Arsenal tt o2 -130
27004 Arsenal/West Brom BTTS +100 2*

No opinion in Spain today, lean Betis but not really interested in laying a quarter on them, guess I'll see if it comes down.


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That BTTS should have cashed easily. Mustafi was out of his mind going to ground for that challenge, caught a big break from the ref playing advantage on that one. Stone cold penalty for me and I'm an Arse supporter.

Some good ones on tap for today. Seems to be good value on Monaco +110 at home and first half over 1 (-104), Madrid/Dortmund first half over 1/1.5 (-120). I'll probably throw a parlay on a couple first halves as well, maybe Napoli, Citeh and Tottenham.
I was so pissed at that non-call but also couldn't figure out why Arsenal couldn't do more, they had 68-32 possession and ops all over

I have a separate thread for CL/Europa, tend to do a bit better in that than league's amazing the difference in how I see the matches but want to track it separately. For whatever reason I get the tournament way better than I get league play.

And GL in those matches you mentioned, I expect goals all over today.


Ligue 1

16201 Monaco -1.5 +102 4*
16201 Monaco/Montpellier o2.75 -120 2*


10501 Schalke tt o1.5 +105 4*
10501 Schalke pk -121 2*
10501 Schalke ML +150 1.5*

Only those two games today, need to right the ship. Schalke understandable lost in last home match to Bayern, think they come out sharp here. Leverkusen so far early are no shows on the road and have given up 3-3-2 in those matches (first was Bayern fwiw) but Schalke plenty capable of getting a couple. In the other Monaco may have to get the over by themselves but after getting skunked at home in CL this week I expect the rebound here too.
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-72.05 ytd thru 10/20

Can't get this right at all...league stuff is beating me up



10501 Schalke/Mainz o2.5 -106 3*
10501 Schalke tt o1.5 +100 2*
25050 Schalke/Mainz BTTS -115

Ligue 1

16201 St Etienne -.25 -115 3*
16201 St Etienne ML +122 1.5*

Premier League

10302 Brighton tt o.5 -145 3*
27090 West Ham/Brighton BTTS +100 1.5*
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Beginning to think I really suck at this..both teams in incredible form in Italy, should be a great match on paper.


Serie A

18631 Inter Milan tt o2 -120 3*
31104 Inter Milan/Sampdoria BTTS -145 2*

England-League Cup (Carabao Cup? wtf is that)

11002 Norwich City +1.75 -104
11004 Bournemouth/Middlesbrough o2.5 -110 4*

11008 Crystal Palace -.25 +102 2*
11008 Crystal Palace ML +147
11013 Swansea City +.75 +109
11013 Swansea City ML +480 .5*
11016 Young Man City -2.5 -115
(token wager)

I'm not convinced Man United even really care or want to be in this competition, can't blame em....other side, think Swansea go balls to the wall in this one with the league season starting so poorly, like one of those statement games for them even though I'm not sure who's even playing for United. Generous prices on the Swans imo.
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Adding, way better lineup than I expected

11016 Manchester City -2.5 -125 3*
11016 Man City/Wolves o4 -113 2*
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-79.67 ytd

Betting on your team is such a bad idea. And betting on Palace might be a worse idea. And Serie A went straight square yesterday, of course I wasn't involved. That's how it's going.


Copa del Rey

12137 Deportivo ML -149 4*
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Record speaks for itself, might start fading myself...suddenly Palmas scores four on the road? Love them at home, fade em road...and now this. Ugh.



10501 Mainz/Eintracht Frankfurt o2.5 -104 3*
25120 Mainz/Eintracht Frankfurt BTTS -130 1.5*


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Shocking that City didn't live up to their promise against friggin' Huddersfield...with 80% possession, too... it's as unbelievable as a fake testimony given against Paterno
Tired of record keeping, it's pure shit in league play

This one is completely situational and I ain't skipping it

Bordeaux give up less than a goal/game at home, Strasbourg give up 2+ on the road and now off the home win against PSG, sign me up. Sorry to Bordeaux in advance but this one is a no-brainer to me.

16201 Bordeaux ML -152 10*
16201 Bordeaux -.75 -115 3*

In classic self-deprivation mode I expect f'n Strasbourg to score early....but really think this is 2-0 or 3-0 type game

16201 Bordeaux ML -143 3*

Gonna get my ass kicked when they don't score, can feel it already but love this sitch and feel like a dumb fuck if I don't go nuts on this one