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  1. B.A.R.

    Tuesday's umps, weather, etc.

    Good stuff
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    MLB Tuesday 4/23

    Good luck today
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    Brew Crew Bombs

  4. B.A.R.

    Brew Crew Bombs

    Good luck I like it.
  5. B.A.R.

    I can never remember a time in baseball with worse closers...

    I hope he keeps it up for a few months... Be a great asset at deadline.
  6. B.A.R.

    Zurich Classic

    Different format per the new norm... Lets find some winners!
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    Lets Discuss Sunday

    Quick, gimme a play in Det-cws.... Just getting near ballpark need action play.
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    MLB Sunday 4/21

    Lucky #7
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    Saturday's umps, weather, etc.

    Det game postponed till August 6th
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    Bases 2019

    Good luck today, tide turns soon.
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    April MLB

    Leggo Brew Crew
  12. B.A.R.

    Fondybadger's 2019 MLB 4.19.19 - Friday

    No idea if you won, but what are those mysterious "+" signs?
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    April Bases

    Good luck bud
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    2019 Texas Rangers entire season thread

    Very surprising so far. No doubt about it.
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    2019 Texas Rangers entire season thread

    It's a Tigers reunion!
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    Good season so far
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