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  1. scarf31

    CTG's 13th Annual Survivor Contest -- (500.00 in prizes)

    Owed you guys a sheet and it's just been a crazy, hectic month for me with work and with a preggo wife and 1st grader...sorry for the delay. This sheet above shows all picks through Week 7...I will change if Giants win tonight but wanted to get something up sooner rather than later. Since...
  2. scarf31

    2018 UFC/MMA Discussion; post your wagers

    3 of Khabib’s guys hauled to jail according to Dana for the post fight bs toward Conor...jfc
  3. scarf31

    2018 UFC/MMA Discussion; post your wagers

    Khabib is essentially the Mariano Rivera of move/one know it’s go try and stop it. Absolutely unreal
  4. scarf31

    Is Conor an auto fade against Khabib?

    Auto fade? Strong terminology... Fade, maybe. But auto-fades are things like the Jets finding to way to suck. I wouldn't call Conor an autofade against anybody.