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    2019 UFC/MMA Discussion; post your wagers

    Best body in ufc is Holly no? Best looking was Miesha. Not sure who now other than Rose and Paige.
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    Anyone else like Over 10 here? I like 1st 5 over 5.5 too
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    MLB Thursday 6/27

    See what happens when you take the overs in this juiced ball era?! Now watch you take 10 unders tomorrow. Lol. GL!
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    MLB Sunday 6/23

    So stubborn lol
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    MLB Friday 6/21

    It's all about the overs in this league. Amazing to see how many runs are being scored late. Anyone have a bullpen anymore?
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    There is money to be made with this team with the right putrid pitching match ups.
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    6 runs by the 2nd inning. 1st 5 is in the books.
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    Been on their overs for 1st 5, game and team total. Bad pitching and good hitting has been equaling easy overs. Today doesn't look much different. Oh, did I mention Mike Trout is good?
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    MLB Friday 6/14

    Ball is juiced and scoring is reaching heights of the steroid era. Pete Rose said he watched a foul ball bounce off the dugout floor and end up in the 2nd deck. He thinks they're playing with a Titleist. Lol
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    MLB Tuesday 5/14

    You mean you're tuning out the noise? Btw, May 23rd is my bday. I'll be in NY for a cousins wedding. Yep, he must have gotten a cheap deal to get married on a Thursday. GL
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    MLB Tuesday 5/14

    GL Wire! Hope you're doing great!
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    Fondybadger's 2019 MLB 03.29.19

    Padres vs Giants. GL!
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    Return of Bjorks - 2019 MLB Thread

    Only 1 Wise in this forum cuz.