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    time to post may 1 bases

    Good luck Kyle.
  2. tunasunday

    4/28 Bases

    The best part of all that game was Diaz hitting a 52 hopper and it getting through the infield for the game winning hit. What the hell was Greene doing, smoking cigarettes and shooting the shit with the 3rd baseman? Tough beat Scarf, I took it too bud.
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    Sunday Lines/Discussion

    Tito, I like your thoughts on the Nats too. That is the only other game I have played so far, but I have only capped the NL. Zimmerman had a nice spring and a good first start. The Nats hit LHP fairly well. Ollie has been like the old Ollie his last season or so with the Pirates thus far...
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    Sunday Lines/Discussion

    It should be Taylor. Miller is hurt. Tonight the Marlins announcers were saying that it was going to be one of two minor league lefties. Tayor's stats: <TABLE class=stat_table id=s587432 style="DISPLAY: block; VISIBILITY: visible" width=690><TBODY><TR class=tablelabel><TD colSpan=5>Basic...
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    Saturdays Plays

    Good luck Deng. Glad to see you didn't miss a beat once spring training ended. Keep rolling.
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    time to post april 23 baseball

    Leaned that way on both Kyle. May join in on the LAD under tonight. Good Luck bud--keep firing away.
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    Thursdays Plays

    Like it Deng. Good luck today.
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    Thursday Bags

    Good luck CrimsonK. Nice reasoning on the Dodgers play.
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    Thursday Umps/Weather...and other thoughts...

    Despite the home plate ump, if the sun is out in Seattle, don't forget about those shadows with the local 3:40 start. Earlier this month with the shadows in play it was a struggle to get a run on the board against Loux and Carlos Silva.
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    time to post april 22 bases

    Kyle: Today is an excellent day to dwell on the good that your dad brought into your life. As for a solution to your slump, I have PM'd *****, he will be in here shortly with a fullproof cure. Keep doing your thing--if you put in your time, then things will come around for you because of...
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    Wednesdays Plays

    Good luck Deng.
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    Friday Ump "Stalking" - weather/stats...and other thoughts

    Thanks Rex. The old Chinese Proverb applies here--give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. I appreciate your picks and insight on particular games, but when you drop golden nuggets like this, I know my capping ability just increased immeasurably...
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    4/17 Bases

    All over that Astros play Scarf. GL bud.
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    Wednesday MLB

    Nice day VG. The Twins are sucking wind without Mauer. Liriano is plus money tomorrow in the dome against Halladay---thinking about pulling the trigger, but the Twin bats and Liriano are in poor form. Any thoughts?
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    Wednesday Bases

    Love the play Tim. Good luck man.