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    MLB Friday 7/12

    Good luck w2w, it looks like you think the totals are gonna adjust back away from the crazy shit before the break...
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    June Bases

    It's the only logical choice... Gl
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    Yankees at Red Sox Preview Article

    Apparently there wasn't much of an effect. I can't remember the last time I won an over on a double digit total in the first inning, but I'll take it. Btw, since you mentioned the NFL, they added a touchdown to the first NFL game played in London back in 2007; the G-men beat the Phins 13-10.
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    Monday umps and stuff

    Thanks for the info and for taking the time to post, good luck tonight Mr. P... :cheers3:
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    Baseball bitching thread

    Yeah, I know. I have been on the other side, but not as often as I get fukked it seems...
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    Baseball bitching thread

    What really blows is the week before I had my best week of the season, and I thought I finally knew wtf I was doing. I gave all of that back and then some...
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    Baseball bitching thread

    I've had quite a few hosings since my last post, but yesterday was a classic; 1) Had under 9 in the Miami/Phils. The Phils get one in the 8th and one in the 9th for a 6-4 final. 2) Took San Diego -140. The Bucs get 3 in the 9th to tie, SD gets 3 in the 10th, and the Bucs get 4 for the win. 3)...
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    MLB Sunday 6/23

    Good luck wire...
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    Saturday 6/22

    Oh, I'm not betting those losers, I've been riding the Twinkies for a while now. I'm on the under though. Good luck to you as well...
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    Saturday 6/22

    On the other side of the coin, Duffy is 6-2 against the Twins with a 2.58 ERA in 21 appearances, (17 starts). The Royals are 7-2 at home against Minn when Duffy takes the hill. Just fyi... :shake:
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    NY Mets @ Chicago Cubs

    Because Darvish is questionable at home?
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    June Bases

    Nice move. I bet the Twins and the over 10* to start, and then live bet when Seattle tied it up in the top of the 6th. I added Minn -1* -142, and over 7 -115. It was a fun game, and a nice start to the day for a change. Good luck on the rest of your card... :cheers3:
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    June MLB

    Good luck, T. Is the Houston/Seattle game still scheduled, because it's not coming up on my site. Edit; the problem is on my end...
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    Live bets

    Well, I just got the chance to see a real time live line change while the game was on the radio. I don't know if there's a delay in radio as well, but by the time the D'backs scored the old line vanished in about 5 seconds.
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    Live bets

    I already bet the over at 9 and took NY -180. This is why I like live betting, I love seeing a big home chalk when the other team jumps on 'em early. Took the Yanks plus 3* -170... :popcorn: