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    Tuesday April 23rd MLB Discussion Thread

    not a ton to like here. think minny at + money is valuable
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    Friday April 19th MLB Discussion Thread

    isn't wainy having trouble reaching 90 with his fb? Mets can hit a bit. wonder if over isn't the way to go here
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    Wednesday MLB Discussion Thread

    speaking as somebody who works and cant listen; I hate it during the week lol. on weekends, hell yeah, nothing like a summer Saturday 4pm or sunday 1pm start time
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    Monday MLB Discussion Thread

    Kershaw overvalued as always. Castillo is real good.
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    AAA and The Mexican League April 11th-20th

    I tailed u on that over and it got rained out. Damn
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    Sunday MLB Discussion Thread

    Everyones on LA dodgers today
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    Friday MLB Discussion Thread

    has SD said anything about Paddack being on an innings limit while he adjusts to the bigs coming off a big surgery? Not talking about for the season, I fully expect him to be shut down by at least September which is why I didn't take a ROY future on him, but on a game by game basis?
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    G4M Friday Bases

    paddacks a stud
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    Friday MLB Discussion Thread

    id go cubbies TT over
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    Wednesday April 10 MLB Discussion Thread

    Rays/Brewers parlay I like a lot Think runs are scored at Wrigley, taking that over not getting over my fixation with Flahrety yet rays/Milwaukee parlay, cubs/pirates over and cards for me today
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    Toronto at Boston Preview Article

    blue jays are trotting out their "last day of spring training" lineup. I actually took a stab at them on the ML at +210 but I was stupid and didn't wait for lineups when I played it. now im not so confident. jays seem to be punting. still hoping that good old cobbler pitches a gem and we get this
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    April 3rd MLB Discussion Thread

    im pretty big on the Mets RL. I don't think the Marlins score. 5-1 Mets.
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    Tuesday discussion

    ill never have the stones to bet on this Baltimore team. they could be 160-1 on the last day of the season and +220 and I still couldn't do it haha. I do think that it is getting very close to time to fade them.
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    Tuesday discussion

    my thoughts exactly. they are in a huge rut and im sure they are feeling pressure; my thought is that 4/9 they get 2 at home vs Toronto and then 4 home vs Baltimore. by the time that is over they'll be back on track. but for now, keep fading, especially Sale specifically who seems to be throwing...
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    MLB April 2nd Discussion Thread

    really conflicted now because I loved the Twins before reading that. I think the Royals are shit and Keller is overrated a bit. Berrios seems to be in that place in his career where hes about to put it all together; if he does so he could be a Cy Young contender. I am somewhat willing to...