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    Still thinking but strong lean

    im laying 1.5 at -120. Ive never been a Milone guy; the fact that hes had a decent career betrays what my eyes see when he pitches. Eitehr way, Astros off a loss, Verlander on the hill, Seattle sucks, I expect a 7-2 type win
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    MLB '19 model +94.81u through June 8th. Spreadsheet link inside.

    this is unreal. 75 units? whatever your model is, you should be doing this professionally.
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    College bases

    The giants can suck a fat dick
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    College bases

    I got it at -120 so i hope so! Sharps been on the shitty teams sfs been playin lately
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    Things like this don’t happen very often

    Now hes cy fucking young apparently
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    Things like this don’t happen very often

    David Hess in Coors. A gift from the gambling gods. Full game over Rockies tt over “Yes” there will be a run in the 1st Rockies -.5 ff Lets win it all
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    Carter Stewart-this is the beginning of the revolution

    https://www.mccoveychronicles.com/2019/5/23/18637132/mlb-2019-carter-stewart-japan-signing-amateur-draft-mlb-chronicles This dude is my new favorite player. I have been waiting so long for some amateur player in football or baseball to do something like this and actually have the balls to...
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    Phillies at Cubs Preview Article

    i know the Phillies like the back of my hand. this is a good selection. eflin has been awesome this year but a lot of his numbers are because hes gotten to face a lot of crap lineups. hes fine; a number 4/5 starter type, but the 2.89 era is absolutely deceiving as you said.
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    Wednesday 5/8 Discussion

    im very confident in the yanks tonight. also think u can parlay boston with whoever you want
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    Wednesday April 24th MLB Discussion Thread

    Like the Rays a good amount but think instead of RL'ing it im gonna parlay the ML with the Rockets tonight. Comes to -130 Texas looks like a live dog against a struggling pitcher. Gimme them at +145 The Yankees are pulling wins out of their ass with a AAA lineup; that ends tonight, Angels get...
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    MLB '19 model +94.81u through June 8th. Spreadsheet link inside.

    I have a big ask for the CTG crew. This dude is unreal, mad props to you peel. Only issue is my work blocks google docs. Yes, CTG is unblocked, google docs are not. Go figure. If anyone can post the plays from the doc daily it would be greatly appreciated
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    Tuesday April 23rd MLB Discussion Thread

    not a ton to like here. think minny at + money is valuable
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    Friday April 19th MLB Discussion Thread

    isn't wainy having trouble reaching 90 with his fb? Mets can hit a bit. wonder if over isn't the way to go here
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    Wednesday MLB Discussion Thread

    speaking as somebody who works and cant listen; I hate it during the week lol. on weekends, hell yeah, nothing like a summer Saturday 4pm or sunday 1pm start time