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    Rangers going to trade

    Selling seems like the intelligent thing to do. 4.5 back of the wild card with 4 teams ahead who are all way more talented than you.
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    Thoughts on Verlander‘s Conspiracy Theory

    The ball Contreras just hit out.....
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    Thoughts on Verlander‘s Conspiracy Theory

    What I've always thought about zona is that the ball just flies through the infield there too. Makes it pretty tough no matter what you do.
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    ***IN-GAME*** All Star ***IN-GAME***

    Cubs destroy giolito twice (who beats everyone else) and cant ever hit nova (who gets no one else out)
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    Thoughts on Verlander‘s Conspiracy Theory

    ball is obv juiced. some of the balls i've seen leave the yard this year had me laughing. make a good pitch, have hitter on his front foot and he one arms it 375 to RC for a homer. ridiculous.
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    I need a site that takes mlb pitcher props

    If you win, you'll get cut very quickly anywhere.
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    Michigan/Vandy for all the marbles

    I had Michigan and still think it was the right play at that price.
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    'Live' Betting Baseball...

    You think the books dont know how often a -200 favorite down by two in the 6th come back?
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    NCAA Regionals

    i would think Loyola goes back to Paiva and then they bring in that closer for awhile.
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    MLB RSW Totals Discussion

    I'd rather have that one.
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    MLB RSW Totals Discussion

    Cobb to the DL. Good start.
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    Top 5 favorite players you’ve seen play

    Bo Jackson for entertainment purposes is right up there too.
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    MLB RSW Totals Discussion

    O's rotation....woof. Would think they trade Bundy (and Cobb and Cashner too if they pitch decently) at some point too. Rotation 1) Alex Cobb, RHP 2) Dylan Bundy, RHP 3) Andrew Cashner, RHP 4) David Hess, RHP 5) Mike Wright Jr., RHP
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    2018-2019 Offseason

    No way he would be ready without having faced hitters. Prob stay at extended for ten days or so to get ready. Brewers need him with knebel likely out for the year and jeffress already hurt.