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    ***2019 Masters INGAME ***

    of course Tonto goes up 1-0 and I spoke too soon
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    ***2019 Masters INGAME ***

    I'm kinda liking my top 4
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    Top 5 favorite players you’ve seen play

    As a kid saw Reggie Jackson in NY many times. was always in awe on how good of a hitter he was and would come talk to the kids before the game. Made a great impression on me. Got to see Tom Glavine pitch as well. unreal control, also Maddux as well. College days would go to Balt and See Ripken...
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    Bay Hill Week...(and Qatar)

    threw a little more on Hatton at -105, I like that match up vs. Kokrak final day as well
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    Bay Hill Week...(and Qatar)

    Hatton, CH III, and Rory I'm watching
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    Bay Hill Week...(and Qatar)

    I need CH III to show up today only 1 back of Bubba
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    Bay Hill Week...(and Qatar)

    Player Rory vs Brooks , also like S. Im over Mitchell.
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    Phoenix Open and Saudi International Week...

    Nice, glad he came back and won.
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    KJ PGA Bellerive

    Like the Rory pick
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    7/21 MLB discussion...time for another closed door meeting in DC?

    I'm sure this ^^^is someones fetish:talktohand:
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    The Open - In Game Discussion

    Golf Channel coverage is better. Commercials after commercial. I know they got to make money, but.....Hopefully not as many when leaders go off.
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    Week 17 ~ Short week

    BOL today, like most but I went ova on King Felix
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    Friday, July 20 SDQL

    We were lucky to get that Sea RL, I had played it bf I even saw you taking it last night