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  1. Red Sox vs Dodgers Game 2 Preview Article

    Madson is a disease. And Roberts is a fool for going to him not once but twice in this series. Ryu owned Pearce last night, he popped him out in the first on 4 pitches and again in the 3rd on 2 pitches. Sure, Ryu got himself into a bases loaded jam but there were 2 outs. And Steve Pearce wasn't...
  2. World Series 2018

    Hate to see you on that over, good luck
  3. National League Championship Series

    You're a beast BC. You have a lean on full game total tonight? Seems your read on the series is solid thus far...
  4. First bet

    Go Tampa and go tuck!!!
  5. MLB Monday 9/24

    Wow!!! Great work wire! 1000+ units in the red and back in black overnight! That is a great accomplishment!!!
  6. Wednesday MLB Discussion

    Peel, I agree your total thoughts there. 1st 5 under seems the cute interweb play of the morning.
  7. Wednesday MLB Discussion

    Any lean on the total there, tuck?
  8. September 17th

    Boom. Well done BC
  9. Monday MLB discussion

    Foltynewicz is one of my favorite pitchers to watch. He treats the mound like a sandbox. He walks all over it between pitches, tosses shit around and then looks like he's throwing a whiffle ball with the wicked movement he puts on his pitches.
  10. Monday MLB discussion

    From memory, I have him as an under ump. Could check my actual numbers but I'm on the road. Looks like the public loves that under though, so can't argue with your decision.
  11. Monday MLB discussion

    Thought Holbrook was an under guy
  12. Early leans

    Thanks tuck, tailed on the Cubbies under. Looking at the nightcaps now...
  13. Thursday feels like fall here, mlb discussion

    What do you have against Chen and the inept Marlins?