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  1. Official All Star Thread

    You're a bitch if you love Votto and are a Reds fan. Ha!
  2. **********WORLD CUP IN-GAME***********

    Your-a-guay is done.
  3. Quarters Discussion

    Head official, Nestor Pitana, looks like one of the Norweigian crab boat fisherman's with a closer cropped hair cut in the TV show!!
  4. **********WORLD CUP IN-GAME***********

    I need more info on this clown of a manager Argentina has
  5. **********WORLD CUP IN-GAME***********

    Bjorn with a goal for the Croats
  6. World Cup 2018 Contest - $150 Cash Prize

    GA: Uruguay, Russia GB: Spain, Portugal GC: France, Denmark GD: Argentina, Croatia GE: Brasíl, Costa Rica GF: Germany, Mexico GG: Belgium, England GH: Colombia, Poland Quarters: Portugal, France, Brasil, Belgium, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Colombia Semi: Portugal, Brasil, Argentina, Germany...
  7. ****Soccer is the Greatest Sport on Earth In-Game****

    Over 2’ cashed note for 185
  8. ****Soccer is the Greatest Sport on Earth In-Game****

    What a goal. Should have seen the Juventus supporters in the betting parlor. Even they were cheering.
  9. World Soccer April

    I’m digging goals tonight in Turin as well
  10. Need some help wagering at a parlor and don’t speak the language

    In Venice and staying by a parlor. Gonna go catch the Juventus Real match tonight at the parlor and want to make a wager, of course. Went in earlier today and got a sheet, but need some help as I don’t speak Italian. Juventus Real Madrid Finale 1x2 ... is this the full time wager? I...
  11. ****Soccer is the Greatest Sport on Earth In-Game****

    No EPL Contest this season?
  12. North Carolina FC

    Special Shoutout Fondy with a 90th min penalty shot to propel North Carolina FC over Puerto Rico FC at home. Nice.
  13. ****Soccer is the Greatest Sport on Earth In-Game****

    Benefited from an early yellow that culminated in another yellow.